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Compasses & Drawing Sets

Maths Set Celco 909


Most parents know that it is a myth that you buy school books at the beginning of the year to last the full year. This rarely happens. Notebooks get filled up, ruined, the dog eats it, it gets lost, or wet or a myriad of other things happen to them that you need a replacement quickly. Look no further than Stationery R Us Express. We have a large assortment of notebooks for school, work, university or any other use. These notebooks are of top quality and come marked with the different rulings as required. Whether your student is in Kindergarten, Pre-Prep, Prep, in grades 1 to 12 or at TAFE or university, Stationery R Us Express is the one place to get them all. And what are some of the differences between the books? They come in different sizes, different pages, and different rulings.

Both the Olympic Binder books and Sovereign binder books with the Feint Ruled 8mm lines, for example, come in 48, 64, 96, 128,168 or 192 pages in their A4 range. This is also true for their Exercise Books which come in the 225X175mm sizes. Olympic and Spirax both make Graph Pads in a number of different varieties depending on your educators needs. Sovereign, Olympic and Spirax all make Grid books, most commonly used for mathematics. They can also come with different page numbers and in A4 as well as 225X175 sizes. Lecture books are a handy tool for those studying in later years of school, or at university and here at Stationery R Us Express we stock Quill, Spirax, Sovereign and Olympic with a variety of spiral connections, or wholes to suit every requirement and folder that is in today’s market. Of course, you may just need loose leaf refills – This is not a problem as we have Packets of 50, 100 or 200 Stat Loose-leaf paper. Is your student studying music? This is no issue as we have a variety of music books. Do they need a journal or index book? Easy! We stock the well known Black & Red variety of hard covered notebooks, index books and journals. An Artist? No Problem – we sell a large variety of sketch books! As you can see, we have notebooks that meet every requirement.

And how to make them last? By using book sleeves or book covering contact of course, both of which we stock and can be ordered at the same time as you are ordering your notebooks.

But this is not all when it comes to school specific stationery, apart from the usual pencils, pens and erasers, by which we have too many to list here, we sell all the other bits and pieces your student needs.

Rulers – We have over 20 different varieties from plastic to wood that would suit your needs.

Compasses and Maths Sets and drawing sets – all budding maths students need one of these. We stock a variety of sets in different shapes and sizes from brands including Oxford, Celco, Sovereign and Staedtler.

Some schools in Victoria use the Wipe-Clean Syllabus – we stock all of the books in this series if your school is one who uses it. We all sell Dictionaries and Thesauruses that are used by all the schools. And, of course, library bags.

So come online and order your school supplies at Stationery R Us Express.