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A pair of scissors is a piece of equipment used for cutting cloth, paper and other material. It consists of a pair of metal blades that pivot on top of each other so that the sharpened edges slide against each other when fastened in the middle and the opposing blades are closed. The handles on the top of the blade allow them to be opened and closed by a thumb and finger inserted through the rings of the handles. They were invented in the Fourteenth Century BC by Jean-Claude Margueron of Emar.

The three parts of scissors are the blade, the fulcrum (the jointed section) and the handle and the cutting force of scissors works on the law of the lever.
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Kids blunt tip scissors
General purpose scissors
Dressmaking shears and scissors
Left-handed scissors
Titanium, soft grip and tortoise grip scissors
Retractable box cutters

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Hole punches commonly known as hole puncher or paper puncher can usually be found in every office, no matter how large or small.
At Stationery R Us Express we carry a range of punches from small hand held devices to heavy duty punches and paper drills. Many of the larger punches have ergonomic handles, some with a longer leverage and high precision cutters supporting great workplace health and wellbeing.

At first glance the hole punch may seem like a simple tool but as their use is to cut clean holes in precise locations time after time it becomes obvious it is a well engineered tool. Check out our range of punches which are available in all shapes and sizes – office punch, single hole, 2 hole, 3 hole and 4 hole.

Despite organisations moving more toward digital documentation hole punches still have an important part to play in the organisation of paper documents in an office.