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Laminating Pouches and Binding Machines

Binding Machine Gbc Safeguard 8 Sheet Black


Do you remember the days when you had to hand type a message on a typewriter and you’d get to the last paragraph and the paper would get stuck, or the ink would run dry, or you’d hit the wrong key? Yes? You would appreciate some of the office machines we have available now! No? Be assured that with Stationery R Us Express range of office machines you will never have to experience the problems that we used to have.

Office machines have come a long way since the days of manual typewriters, however there is still a need for some of these bygone products. But just because the technology is old, does not mean the equipment has to be. Here is a list of some of the “old school” office machines that are still available and still in use.

Facsimiles (also known as fax machines) were a common communication tool between offices, and were heavily used through industries including government departments, hospitals and medical services, financial services, legal services, and a myriad of other industries. As they were printed on paper, faxes were used as legal documents (and still can be) and so there are still a few niche organisations who use them. And if you are one of them, this is one of the items that we stock at Stationery R Us Express.

Printers and Scanners, on the other hand, are something that most of us in offices use daily. The paperless society, believe it or not, was first thought of in the late seventies, when the first workstations started appearing in offices. We have still not quite got to the paperless society, so lucky Stationery R Us Express has all the printers, scanners, cartridges and accessories to meet your everyday requirements.

And when there is paper, there is a need to dispose of it. Stationery R Us Express is the perfect place to shop for Paper Shredders of all shapes and sizes, guillotines, and paper trimmers. Once you have cut your printed paper to the perfect size, Stationery R Us Express is where you can come to get all your laminating and binding machines as well as all the accessories related to these including the pouches, the connectors, the binders, the spines and all the other bits and pieces that are required to finish your office work.

A lot of people ask about the difference between laminating and binding. Laminating is to overlay (a flat surface, often paper) with a layer of plastic or some other protective material. It is used often if the paper needs to be preserved or protected as the plastic keeps moisture and dust off the paper. Laminating machines warm the plastic over the paper which is fed through to laminate the paper. Binding by very definition is the strong covering that holds the pages of a book together. Binding machines are used to bind several pages (often with a cover and back page) together. They often use plastic spines and hold the pages together to create presentable books.

And when it comes to the top of office machines, who can forget the ever-reliable calculator. Calculators have not changed much over the years, but they are still one of the most useful tools in the office. Stationery R Us Express has a large variety of calculators from your everyday standard, your accounting calculator (often with a printer) right through to the most sophisticated scientific calculators.

So for all your office machine needs, make sure you log on to Stationery R Us Express and we will get them out to you quicker than your next fax.