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Office accessories come in a myriad of type, sizes, colours and depending on what they are and Stationrey R Us Express have a myriad of different uses.

Chair Mats

Office chair mats are a must for in-home office or the corporate office workspaces. Chair mats are made of a durable PVC or carpet-surfaced with a rubber non slip backing and ideally are placed under each employees chair. The benefits they bring to a workstation include floor protection, ergonomic support and chair manoeuvrability. As well as protecting the surface of the floor, chair mats provide cushioning and ergonomic support reducing unnecessary stretching or straining.

Check out the wide range of chair mats available from Stationery R Us Express for your office space.

Cork Boards & Flipchart pads

Drawing on a flip chart is easy. Anyone can do it, all you need is the chart and some coloured pens. Darker coloured pens are best to draw attention! The easiest way to use a flip chart is to prepare a set of papers in advance. But the best way of engaging members of a meeting or an audience is to use a flip chart as you are speaking. This allows for total concentration to the subject being discussed or lectured on.

Corkboards, on the other hand have been used as bulletin boards over many years. In the workplace environment they are a great way to save time and encourage productivity. Used as a staff bulletin board in the office or workplace they become a part of a business’ internal communication. They are easy to maintain, don’t need a lot of cleaning and are very affordable.

Desk Accessories

Everyone works differently and so the needs for every desk are different. Many desk accessories can help ensure that your desk allows you to work constant with little strain. Neck and eye strain, poor posture and wrist fatigue, can all be minimised. At Stationery R Us Express we have a wide range of desk accessories from phone holders to pencils.


Clocks have been an integral part of our lives since the Industrial Revolution. Over time it became extremely important to have a regulated way of telling and linking time. Clocks are immensely important to us in our daily lives. Not only do they tell us the time but surprisingly if it wasn’t for super accurate clocks we wouldn’t have the Internet or GPS. In the workplace clocks can be used to set goals and motivate employees.

We can supply you with modern clocks that come in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours to suit your workplace.

Footrests and Stools

Although you or your employees are not performing stressful physical work in an office environment, sitting at a desk can put a huge amount of strain on a person’s body. Studies have shown that prolonged sitting has negative health consequences and being in constant pain and discomfort can be less productive during the day.

Footrests and stools can play an important role in keeping yourself or your employees comfortable and happy.

Trolleys & Planners

So far as it is reasonably practicable, employers have a duty to protect the health and safety of employees at work and using trolleys is one of the means to do so.

Trolleys can play a large role in reducing injuries in the workplace and also can reduce the number of trips needed to transport equipment and documents thus saving time.

The main benefit of using a planner is organisation. This cannot be understated. Other reasons include accountability, record-keeping, goal setting and time management. Using a planner to plan and keep records reduces stress and increases focus wherever it is being used and it is an excellent form of record keeping.

Whiteboards & Accessories

Whiteboards are used in nearly every office or learning space, but why buy one?

Whiteboards became popular across all sectors because they are reusable and very easy to use. Using whiteboard ink, the markings made are more effective, last longer, and are so easy to clean off, enabling them to be used again.

For sharing information at meetings, lectures, brain storming meetings to name a few they are extremely effective. They allow for a quick response and feedback.
Whiteboards come in a variety of sizes and styles and we have a large variety of whiteboards, markers and accessories available for all your requirements.