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Presentation folders are folders that hold loose papers or documents together for organisation and protection. They are usually made of heavy paper stock or PVC sheet, folded in half, with pockets added to keep paper documents organised. There are presentation folders available that can be presented plain, as is, or can be printed upon.

Presentation folders are available in many different styles, colours and finishes to suit a variety of purposes. Matt and gloss finishes, foils and a whole range of folder formats and sizes are available. They can be customised to provide marketing for a product, business or service. They are relatively inexpensive and have many important uses, i.e. showing and illustrating a new product to customers and presenting documents in an organised fashion to staff or members of a board at a meeting or delegates at a conference.

They are a welcome addition to any organisation as a storage option for business brochures, and other general office stationery and promotional materials as well as an impressive marketing aid. The importance of conveying a sense of style and professionalism cannot be overstated. It is very important to make a first impression count.

Presentation folders are perfect for making such a statement. They have a myriad of uses -
• Proposals
• Welcome packs
• Promotional packs
• Media kits
• Presentation tools

We stock a wide range of presentation folders online. These high-quality custom file folders can be used to organise or store documents and are durable enough to put in the mail.

Some types of presentation folders are: • Standard 9" x 12" two-pocket
• Tri-fold or Tri-panel
• Capacity (usually with a 1/4"+ spine to hold more)
• Tabbed (for use in hanging files or filing cabinets)
• Mini pocket or small

If you are looking to impress customers and employees use custom presentation folders for business meetings, conferences, events and more. Presentation folders are also available with pockets,, enabling the addition of names, business cards or marketing information.

A presentation folder that has been well customised and branded will immediately attract a prospective customer before your meeting or conference has begun. Obviously it is essential to have your company name, logo and theme colours at the front of your presentation folders. Giving this business identity to your product creates interest and allows for marketing conversation to take place that often leads to future business. It is an excellent way of advertising your business in an economical manner.

Another use for presentation folders is to pass on information to delegates at a conference and the same principles apply as far as the identity of the conference, name, logo and theme colours. Having identifiable folders once the conference has finished allows them to be easily found and enables future discourse among the attendees on the matters raised at the conference.

Does your company submit tenders? Pocket folders which can easily be customised for your brand create customer confidentiality and can be used to give your business a professional look and to provide an ideal way of sending quotations for prospective work opportunities.

Another use for pocket folders is to pass on new information regarding your products to existing clients. Every business has important clients that need to be constantly kept up to date with production information and presentation folders that fulfill that requirement.

We supply a wide range of brochures, flyers, labels, stickers etc for use with your presentation folders to give them your identity, whether you, your business or organisation belongs to the public or private sectors.

Choose from our wide range of folders online. Presentation folders will ensure that the values and standards of your organisation are presented in the best light.