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With our society becoming more and more vulnerable to identity theft and the growing need for privacy and security issues, a shredder is a vital addition to any home or office situation. At Stationery R Us Express we are the go-to supplier for a wide range of shredders that will suit you whatever your shredding needs are. It is often the case that in managing privacy and security issues, thousands of dollars are spent on virus and anti-hacking software yet little thought is given to the paper that is printed, thrown in the bin, and recycled and which may pass through to people with dishonest intent.

Good management of waste is not just desirable but is essential. The need for shredders could be for a single sheet use in a small office or domestic situation to a multi sheet shredder where a larger need exists. Stationery R Us Express stock and can supply a wide variety of shredders to suit these needs.

You are often required to store and retrieve written hard copy documents for a variety of reasons including –

Presentation folders
Legal and tax reasons
Archiving and accessibility

At Stationery R Us Express we specialise in the comb binding folders which secure your documents within a folder and avoids the temptation of removing a single page and disrupting the flow of the document. The binding accessories supplied by Stationery R Us Express include speciality stock cards in a wide range of colours, binding combs, and clear and coloured card stock.

Stationery R Us Express has a wide range of binding accessories and shredders available. Check out our website to source what is best for your ongoing requirements. All items in stock are ready for immediate delivery to your door.