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Any computer gamer knows that the only way to really experience PC games is to have the best PC Gaming Equipment. And here at Stationery R Us Express we have all of the best keyboards, headphones and mouse for the most advanced gamers.

Your keyboard is, especially when gaming, is arguably the most important part of your PC setup as it allows you to communicate with the game. For most users, a standard keyboard does the job, especially if they are only using it for everyday tasks like web-browsing, emailing, and working on documents. A gamer, however, this type of keyboard is not the best choice, and can be detrimental to the gamers game. When gaming, keyboards take a tremendous amount of punishment. This punishment could stretch over many hours at a time. Pressing the same key on the keyboard can affect the switching mechanism which may slow down, or damage the keystroke, making them unusable. Stationery R Us Express gaming keyboards are designed to be much more resilient to the needs of gamers, with many featuring buttons made of much sturdier plastic and components. And as an added bonus, some of them even light up with a variety of coloured LEDS embedded in the keyboard.

Standard keyboards also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, this is also true for gaming keyboards, which tend to be more ergonomic in design which helps the user to be a lot more comfortable while using them. Gamer keyboards also tend to come with a series of programmable “hot keys” that can be set up as the gamer wants depending on the game being played.

Have you ever wondered why some gamers are always faster to shoot than others? Often, they are accused of cheating, but this is not the case. It is more likely that they have a good gaming mouse. These mice can add an extra dimension to the gamers experience. Why? PC gaming mice are ergonomically designed, which means that the correct mouse should fit perfectly in the palm of the gamers hand. This means they can handle the aggressive button clicks and fast movements, often for hours on end. Gaming mice are also set at a higher resolution, this means that the laser part of the mouse responds a lot faster when moved and that it doesn’t need to move as much giving the gamer that slight edge. Good gaming mice, like the ones that Stationery R Us Express sells, also can have in-built buttons, inbuilt memory and profile settings. This allows the mouse to be set up with the gamer’s favourite positions, and the mouse can also be used in multiple places and on multiple games.

Gaming headsets are extremely important as they provide the virtual environment where you need to feel like you are part of the game. As opposed to ordinary headsets, gamer grade headsets have better hardware and software to provide the best possible sound quality. An ideal gaming headset will have digital surround sound technology as well as noise cancelling features for the uninterrupted communication between the players in the game and the communication to and from the game. Each person's head size is different and it is often a matter of personal taste in which headset is best for the gamer. That is why there are so many varieties on the market. Stationery R Us Express try to cover this by providing a great variety of one ear and two ear gaming headsets.

So for all of your gaming product needs, come over to Stationery R Us Express and get yours delivered today.