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An adhesive, according to Wikipedia, is “any non-metallic substance applied to one or both surfaces of two separate items that binds them together and resists their separation. They can be produced synthetically or found naturally.”

The earliest reference to adhesives appeared in 2000 BC.” Moving through the ages the Greeks and Romans developed adhesives for wood veneering and marquetry and egg based pastes and animal and fish glues were refined. Glue fell into disuse in Europe until cabinet makers began to use adhesives for their furniture production in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
For an adhesive to be effective it must be able to wet the material being adhered to and increase in strength after application. Common ways of applying glue include spray guns, brushes, rollers and applicator guns. Glues and adhesives can also be purchased prepacked with their own applicators.
Adhesives are used in the production of many of today’s products and are used in many manufacturing processes throughout the world.
All adhesives have the same purpose – to bind materials together however there are many adhesives on the market all with varying abilities depending upon the properties of the materials being glued.

• Craft Glue/ White Glue – (polyvinyl acetate) is widely used by crafters and the best option for adhering paper and cardboard. The white PVA glue dries clear and it 's permanent and flexible once dry. It is an inexpensive, acid free and quick drying adhesive.
• Wood Glue – epoxy,polyurethane glue are all different types of wood glue used for securing pieces of wood.
• Fabric Glue – a specialised glue although there are several fabric adhesives available. Used as most other glues cannot hold fabric together.
• Super Glue – gets its name from its excellent bonding. Super glue is a cyanoacrylate adhesive known for its ability to form super strong bonding properties.
• Hot Glue - is glue that is available in solid form and needs to be heated before use. It is not suitable for metal however it is fast drying, high strength and easy to use.
• Epoxy – are glues that come in two parts, resin and hardener, and sold as a single unit. Their glue is ideal for most household repairs as they are extremely strong.
• Polyurethane – is a marine grade waterproof glue that can withstand high tensile strength.
• Rubber Cement – is made of elastic polymers and solves giving it a rubbery texture. Some have been designed and are used successfully for specific purposes.

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