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Business Log Books & Directories

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Business Log Books & Directories

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Business Log Books & Directories

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Business Log Books & Directories

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Business Log Books & Directories

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Business Log Books & Directories

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Business Log Books & Directories

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Business Log Books & Directories

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Business Log Books & Directories

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Business Log Books & Directories

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Log Books – Even though some of these are now electronic, there are requirements, by law, that businesses keep log books which record the events during a voyage of a ship, aircraft, car or truck. We have a large variety of all the main log books and directories.

According to the Collins English Dictionary a logbook is “a book in which someone records details and events relating to something, for example a journey or period of their life, or a vehicle.”

Although keeping business records can be daunting at first it is vitally important that your system, be it manually or on a computerised spreadsheet be easy to operate and complement your business.

At Stationery R Us Express we have a wide range of logbooks and directories for your record keeping needs.
Some of the paper record-keeping tools you might use in your business are: journals, logbooks, sales dockets or cash register tapes, receipt books, petty cash books, wages and superannuation payment records.

The advantages of keeping good, organised records are-
• Helps to maximise the expenses you claim on your business and reduces your tax obligations
• Makes it quicker to prepare your accounts at the end of the financial year and plan for tax payments
• Gives you the information to use to make decisions about your business and helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses and manage change
• Helps in planning for financial commitments and wages
• Makes it easier to borrow money or sell your business
• Helps with BAS statements and obligations
Businesses must keep their records for as long as required by law. Paper documentation of business records has been used for centuries and logbooks and directories have been used for record keeping since the first books were developed in the 1850s. The invention and use of the computer for business record keeping in the 1970s began the decline of paper records however they are still being used today, typically by smaller offices or home businesses. All details of payments, receipts, credit purchases and sales, assets and liabilities can be kept in your directories and journals.

There are many reasons for keeping your important information in logbooks and directories. Logbooks are available in many sizes and formations. They are designed for a specific use, ie.
Travel, the truck industry and flight and shipping industry
Archivists and archaeologists
Military, astronomy, weather monitoring and marine
Health, diabetes records and workout records
Hospitality industry, visitors books in hotels, motels
Scuba diving, fishing and motorsports
As your business continues to grow you will need logbooks and directories to keep track of an increasing number of documents and files. It is important that these books are stored in a safe place. It is vital to stop them being stolen, lost or destroyed.
It is also important to understand the lifecycle of business records. Different types of records have different periods that they need to be kept for tax filing and auditing purposes. It is essential to keep these records in the timeframe required.

Once a decision has been made regarding the record books and directories you will require for your business look through our website to find our wide range of log books etc available. The logbooks, directories, journals at Stationery R Us Express will assist you to keep your business organised now and into the future.