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Filing and Storage – So much for a paperless society! There is still a requirement in some industries for the keeping of important files, or you may have old files that need to be preserved. Here at Stationery R Us Express we have a range of 3 door, 4 door and larger filing cabinets as well as folders, clips and accessories to meet all the requirements in an office environment. For storing these items, we sell Pen Cups, Metal storage drawers, document sorters and holders, file racks, memo holders and clips, desk organisers, bookends, magazine holders, document trays and desktop drawers.

The distinction between filing and storage is that filing allows for the quick and efficient retrieval of documents and papers. Storage on the other hand is a more permanent archiving of documents.

There are a plethora of options available for your filing needs depending upon your specific requirements. Whether you require filing accessories for your home, business school or organisation Stationery R Us Express has a wide range of products giving you lots of choices from the most basic manilla folder to a specialised business card file.

Keep your home and office well organised with our wide range of file, folder and binder products. Use ring binders, manilla folders, lever arch files and expanding files to keep your documents sorted. We stock trusted brands such as Marbig and Avery.

Our range includes - Binders and folders – in a variety of sizes and styles.
Dividers – A4 dividers in a range of clear plastic, colours with or without tabs
File folder and boxes – including boxes that are 100% recyclable and Australian made
Business card files
Clip boards and folders
Display books and refills
Document wallets
Lever Arch files and display books
File envelopes and storage pockets
Filing systems can be a pain to set up however once completed they will make your life so much easier. You will always be able to retrieve documents at will with a minimum of fuss. Choose from the range of binders and folders available from Stationery R Us Express to create more space and organisation to your work area.

For filing products designed to make your office easier to manage, browse the range available at Stationery R Us Express' today. All our filing needs are available on our website. Don’t waste precious time driving to suppliers and searching for products.

Look no further than Stationery R Us Express for all your filing needs. Our website is available to you 24/7 and our products are always in stock for immediate delivery to your door.