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Inkjet & Toner Cartridges – Brother, Epson, HP, Canon Personal and Business · Ink Jet Cartridges – Used for Inkjet Printers · Toner Cartridges – Used for Laser Printers and Photocopiers. Everyone is painfully aware of the inconvenience caused when your printer runs out of ink. Help is at hand. We meet your every need when it comes to your printing necessities. Boasting a wide range of cartridge sizes and colours in our comprehensive range of inks and toners all in quality and trusted brands. Buy in bulk and save. Inkjet printers and printer ink cartridges were first introduced in 1984 which made the task of printing documents and changing printer ink cartridges more convenient, reliable, and cleaner than the previous methods of changing ribbons or inserting a toner cartridges. Before 1984, ink delivery systems were nowhere near reliable as they are now or used ribbons (just like the dot matrix printers – which, believe it or not, are still used by airlines around the world). Ink Jet printing has excellent quality, and it is possible to print on many sizes and types of paper, fabric, film to name just a few. They also make printers affordable to homes of millions of people, where in the past you would of have to send it off to be printed. Printer Ribbons and Photographic Film · Adding Machine Rolls – Thermal and Lint Free (variety of sizes available) · Cash Register Rolls – Thermal · KleenKopy Bond Rolls and Sheets · Kodak Film – Gold, Ultra Max and Flash Camera Transfer Paper - Photographic Paper - OHP Film (Overhead Projector) Photographic Paper – Canon · Various sizes and GSM Quality · Glossy · Semi Gloss · High Resolution OHP Film (Overhead Projector) Nobo Transparency Film Transfer Paper · Epson Computers are an ongoing and expanding part of everyday business. Depending on your age you may be familiar with the announcement upon their arrival and literal take over of our day-to-day business operations that computers will “vastly reduce the need and use of paper”. Computers were to be the beginning of a ‘paperless society’. We all now know this is not the case thus making the ongoing need for printing inks a permanent and growing part of a business budget. The necessity to have reliable printing ink cartridges and photographic papers at hand is a must for almost all businesses. The ordering process of these essential business tools may seem overwhelming but need not be confusing. We are here to help with a comprehensive range of quality brands in ink cartridges, film and photo paper. Why risk inferior and unreliable papers and inks to present your hard work and business ideas? We also have everything you require from photo paper to OHP paper all at your fingertips. Make your OHP presentation a standout performance with our competitively priced, quality range of OHP transparency paper; because sometimes ‘old school’ is your ‘best tool’. Did you know that overhead projectors were first used by the United States military for training classrooms during World War II? They were then used in the United States military academy after the war. Soon schools saw the benefits and by the 1980’s there was an overhead project in many school classrooms.