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In the modern IT world, the market is swamped with new and exciting technology accessories.

According to Times Magazine, there are at least twenty accessory items that we all should have. As with any other products some of these accessories will be more important to you than others depending upon your requirements and computer know-how. At Stationery R Us Express we have a wide range of brands and types of these accessories available for delivery to your home or office.

• Good wireless headphones - Wireless headphones have become a lot more affordable in recent times. They are comfortable to wear and deliver quality sound.
• A portable smartphone charger – How often do you worry that your phone’s battery won’t last until you get home? A portable charger is what you need so that you can carry it with you wherever you go.
• A streaming stick – a relatively new gadget, allows you to beam video content from your phone or computer to your television.
• Bluetooth Speaker – The audio quality of a smartphone is great but is nowhere near the quality of a dedicated Bluetooth Speaker.
• Selfie Stick – Useful in taking quality group photos a selfie stick, although often maligned, is light, compact and easy to carry. They are available as stick alone or with Bluetooth Remote for smartphones.
• Fitness Tracker – Not a fitness freak? Not only are more athletes using this type of accessory, it has become very popular on the domestic market to keep track of how many steps you take, miles/kilometres you walk or stairs you climb in a given day. There is a wide variety on the market.
• E-Readers – What a wonderful invention! A tablet styled product which can hold and enable you to read hundreds of books. There is a huge rang of books available on an E-Reader
• Smartphone stand – great to hold your phone and also keeps it charged throughout the day.
• A cigarette lighter USB adapter – A handy accessory if you do a lot of travelling. Some models also double as a Bluetooth receiver and FM transmitter.
• Flash drive - becoming more economical as time goes by very handy for moving large files from one computer to another.
• Back-up drive – necessary for peace of mind to secure your data. All hard drives fail eventually and a back-up drive is essential to keep your files and photos safe.
• Small power strip – enables you to turn one open outlet into many. Another advantage is that they also usually include USB charging points.
• Google Home or Amazon dot can be placed on a shelf and can answer basic questions, tell you the weather forecast and sports scores, and even request a taxi or uber.
• Mouse and mouse pad– A comfortable mouse is essential for office workers and gamers.
• VR Viewer – these are available in virtual reality and 360 video content. The affordable ones can be powered by your smartphone. • Home security camera – essential if you want to keep an eye on your home. The internet connected cameras work with a smartphone app and are relatively inexpensive.

These are just a few of the accessories available in the IT market. Check out all our full range of technology accessories on this page.