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Is a mouse pad really necessary? At Stationery R Us Express we think so and stock a great range of mouse pads for the home, the office and gamers alike.

It is fifty years or more since computer mice were invented and for most of that time they have been used with mouse pads although nowadays modern optical and laser mice will work on almost any surface. As a result of this mouse pads began to lose popularity. Mouse pads originally had some important functions such as offering a smooth tracking area and keeping the tracking ball clean, free from dirt and grime. Around the turn of the century very small, low powered optical sensors were introduced and these mice offered a more consistent tracking. Laser equipped mice then arrived on the scene, laser mice often available with LED lighting will track on almost all surfaces.

The main advantage of mouse pads today is that they protect the finish of your desk or table. They are not necessarily essential for a mouse to work but can definitely improve mouse control and accuracy. Most mouse pads are made of a thin sheet of non-slip material preventing the mouse from moving uncontrollably. This allows you to be faster and more accurate.

Gaming mouse pads have been designed specifically for games. These offer features that other mouse pads don’t have. The advanced technology incorporated and special high performance surfaces give the gamer faster mouse movements and better tracking. Some of these mouse pads come with accessories and incorporate ergonomic designs to support your wrist.

Mouse pads are made with different surfaces. Especially if you are a gamer you should try out a few to see which one works best for you. The better ones are made out of higher quality materials such as leather or fabric and often thicker to absorb the vibrations of the mouse. Although it is up to you as to which type of mouse pad you use, it is thought that a good mouse pad can improve your performance by up to twenty percent.

Tracking speed, control and precision are affected by the different types of materials used for the mouse pad. The advantage of plastic is that it allows for very quick tracking and speed can be very important when scrolling websites or large documents or playing real time strategy games. It also allows for the mouse pointer to respond quickly and be controlled precisely.

On the other hand, polyester mouse pads offer more control because the surface is textured, reducing slipping while leather pads, although they have a textured surface similar to polyester, are more durable. Woven fabrics make surfaces very soft and smooth and are excellent for gamers who prefer speed rather than control.

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