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When it comes to paper, not only do we have the standard A4 reams of paper, we have photographic paper, magnetic and transfer sheet paper, copy paper, specialty paper in a large variety of colours to suit whatever is required in your office environment.

At Stationery R Us Express we have a wide range of papers available in different sizes and colours to suit your particular office needs whether you are sourcing paper for a large corporate company, government agency, small business or home office. We will deliver paper to your door in reams of 500 pages, singly or in boxes of 5, smaller packets of 100 or 250 or boxes of 2500 pages to a box.

Not only do we stock the standard A4 reams of paper, we also stock photographic paper, magnetic and transfer sheet paper, copy paper and specialty paper.
Copy paper is available in a large range of colours in both A4 and A3 sizes. An A3 sheet of paper is 297mm x 420mm whilst A4 210mm x 297mm. These are the two most commonly used sizes, especially for business and office requirements, however other sizes are also available. Our specialty papers come in a range of textured, matte, wood grain and metallic card stock paper.

Paper is available in different gsm, colours and white. Gsm stands for “grams per square metre” and is a unit of measure for paper. It does not refer to the size of a piece of paper but to the weight, i.e. the higher the gsm the thicker the paper will be.

Whether you need paper for letters, documents, business cards or flyers it is probably of interest as a consumer to understand gsm as it is the most commonly used unit for measuring paper and the one used to advertise the type of paper being sold. We have all types of paper available from 80 to 250 gsm. Paper with a gsm of 90 – 120 is the paper used for regular office use. 130-250 gsm paper is the weight mostly used for promotional purposes and over 250 gsm the paper becomes more card-like.

Paper used for scrapbooking needs to be acid free, so as not to fade colours and decay over time and lignin free as this reacts with light and heat and causes yellowing. The common weight for drawing paper and lightweight card stock for scrapbooking is 80 gsm. Check your current stationery requirements. The team at Stationery R Us Express can supply you with –

Copy paper ranging white or coloured in 80 gsm, 90 gsm, 100 gsm, 135 gsm and 160 gsm
In A4 or A3 size.
Recycled white paper in reams of 500 sheets.
Packets of 100 colour A4 sheets in a variety of colours including fluoro and sets of the hot and cold colours.
Packets of 250 A4 and/or A3 sheets of cover paper.
Kraft card maker paper
Parchment paper
Colour copy paper and envelopes in packets of 25
A wide variety of office pads both ruled and blank and in various sizes and colours
Packets of A4 or foolscap sheets with holes down one side for folder use. These are also available either ruled or blank.
specialty papers in a range of textured, matte, wood grain and metallic cards.

Order some specialty paper today and we will arrange for fast delivery.