Envelopes & NCR Books

Personalise your everything!

Envelopes with your logo and return address not only save time by not having to write your address every time but also look professional!

NCR Books are perfect for quoting on the go, providing a copy for everyone who needs one! With your personalised art you can make sure your customers know who has quoted and also customise all the details required.

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Printing Options

Printing Options

Available sizes:
Envelopes – Standard sizes are 11b, C6, DL, DLX, C5 and C4 – Custom sizes also available. Request a quote.

NCR Books – A6, DL, A5, A4 all available as portrait or Landscape and A3 available as Landscape only. Custom sizes also available. Request a quote.

Envelopes – Envelopes can be Black, PMS or CMYK

NCR Books – These come as standard Black with the optoin of Reflex Blue or Green for the same price. Any non standard PMS colour or additional PMS colours are extra

Envelopes – Our Sealing finishes include Self seal, peel and seal/ strip seal or lick n stick and we can do plain face or a range of window options depending on size, as well as secretive or non secretive options

NCR Books – Standard finish includes numbering, perforate top copies and wrap around writing plate. Additional charge finishes include additional perforations, printing on back or additional PMS colours

Envelopes – Standard stock is 80gsm bond for sizes up to DL, 100gsm is standard for C5 and larger

NCR Books – 60gsm NCR paper for internals with Crocboard cover and 1000gsm backing board as standard

Custom size options:
Envelopes – generally no custom sizing available unless orders of 20, 000 or more

NCR Books – we can do custom sizing as long as it falls within our maximum size of A3