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A consumable is an item that is in use every day enabling the efficient functioning of electrical and electronic equipment. It must be replaced regularly due to being worn out or used up. It may or may not form part of an end product. Consumables are used in the manufacturing process, corporate offices, small offices as well as in the home.

If you are looking for technology consumables such as paper, ink cartridges and ribbons to name a few you need go no further.
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Fax - Our printer and fax system consumables have been designed to ensure optimum functionality across all digital imaging processes ensuring maximum efficiency in today’s modern office.

Ink – has evolved throughout the centuries from the 1800's when Gutenberg invented an oil-based ink to work with his printed press through to the first consumer grade inkjet printers becoming available in 1988.

Computerised printing has led to the development of the types of ink available. From the daisy wheel printers of the late 1960s onwards. Inkjet printers use a system whereby minute particles of ink are sprayed onto paper. The solvent from the ink dye soaks into the paper so the colour remains. Modern inkjet ink is very complex and most are water based dye inks. The toner for laser printers was originally made from combining carbon powder, iron oxide and sugar. Later being replaced by a polymer mix.

Labels – There are basically two types of labels available for use in the office.

1. Avery labels which are a type of label used for ink based and toner based printers and are commonly used in smaller business offices and the home. The advantage of these labels is that they are readily available, cost effective and depending on the brand can be provide high quality graphics.
2. High demand consumers such as government agencies etc usually use thermal devices for their printing. These are specially made for labelling and for short term labelling direct thermal printing is cost efficient and faster. A disadvantage can be that their colour spectrum is quite narrow.

Paper – Paper is used on a day to day basis in almost everything we do. The Chinese perfected the art of paper centuries ago and until the boost of technology in the late 20th century paper was used in offices and home for many purposes.
Today paper still has a myriad of uses and is available in a huge variety of colours, sizes, gsms etc. Paper is also available in self contained rolls. These rolls are used in cash registers, ATMs etc. They need to be of good quality paper because low grade paper can create issues causing a build up of dust in the machines.

Ribbons – we stock dot matrix ribbons in various grades, ie wax, resin and a wax resign to suit different business requirements.
Stamps - pre-Inked office stamps are durable, reliable and suitable for high volume office use. They are pre-produced with a large variety of useful office terminology and colour and the smooth inking mechanism provides an accurate stamp every time. This increases efficiency in the office and ensures that documents are dealt with in a similar fashion to whoever is processing them. Check this page regularly to see our latest consumables in stock.