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Business cards have been used to identify and introduce people, businesses and companies almost since the use of paper itself.  The importance of having your business details and information at the ready in any circumstance can not be underestimated.  Opportunities knock at the most unexpected times and being prepared to engage and make a lasting impression is paramount to any business’s success.  Casual conversations are easily forgotten.  It is incredibly important not only to make that first good impression, but to leave a professional, tactile reminder for your possible future associates. Clearly a business card will furnish the reader with important information such as your name, phone details, website and email address but it is also a golden opportunity to showcase your branding and truly make what all business’s desire; a lasting positive impression. In these days of Google and fast information, it has never been easier to connect. However, without the name and details of your company in the hands of your business associates in the form of your business card, you risk your possible business connection going elsewhere. Whilst networking may now be perceived as a more online experience, the face-to-face, hands-on meeting is still one of the best and most productive ways of engaging with prospective clients. Even in the casual setting having your business card at hand is crucial. Sometimes the most unlikely of chance encounters present an opportunity for a new business connection.  Being caught unprepared without your business card is both unprofessional and unimpressive. The humble business card will always be your business signature and the first thing a prospective client will ask for at the end of your contact.  Even the opportunity to make notes on the reverse of your card is a valuable convenience. Your company logo!  One of the most important decisions you make when marketing your business.  It not only gives your business a branding image and individual identity, your logo is your business’s personality.  Where better to display such an important feature than on your business card.  An instantly recognisable signature, unique and creative.  The options for you to truly express your business through the presentation of your business card are almost endless.  These are just a few to consider and details of the many services we provide: Paper thickness Paper texture Fonts and styles Colours Raised lettering Gloss highlights Double sided options Die-Cut options Laminating Variety of sizes and shapes Printing Options Available sizes: Standard Size – 90mm x 54mm and 90mm x 55mm Die cut Round Corner Size – 86mm x 50mm Double Business Card Standard Size – 90mm x 110mm or 184mm x 54mm Colour: Full Colour Front and Back Black and White / Grey Scale Back or Unprinted Finish: Matt or Gloss Celloglazing Available on One or Both Sides No Celloglazing also available Optional extras: Hole Drilling: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm or 8mm Round Corners Standard: 6mm or 10mm Round Corners Die Cut: 3mm, 6mm or 24mm Stock: 400gsm & 310gsm Deluxe Artboard OFFSET 350gsm & 310gsm Deluxe Artboard DIGITAL 350gsm Loyalty Card, 400gsm (0.4ums) Plastic, 350gsm Recycled also available Custom size options: Custom Trim, Custom Size and Custom Die Cutting also available Artwork Guidelines Bleed: 2mm on all sides Safe zone: 3mm in from all sides Accepted file types: PDF version 1.4 or higher Resolution: 300 dpi for all images / 800 dpi for all text as an image Colours: Colours must be either CMYK or Grey Scale (i.e. no RGB, Pantone or Spot Colours) Fonts: All fonts must be embedded or converted to curves Trimming: Borders and type must be within the safe zone as variations may occur when trimming. Important: Ensure your artwork matches your order specifications. General Instructions: Artwork must be correctly sized with required amounts of bleed All transparency effects are to be flattened Overprints must be set correctly for the desired result All colour profiles are to be removed Ensure all images are at correct resolution Registration marks, keylines, dielines and other non-printing items must be removed Crop marks, if required, are to be positioned outside the bleed area. Should we need to contact you regarding your artwork, you will be contacted by email only. All files are printed as supplied to us.